Dow plunges after Trump tweets about China, Fed


Investor concerns over the uncertainty caused by the US-China trade war send the Dow plunging after President Donald Trump sent out a series of tweets that indicated that the trade war would be getting worse. #CNN #Trump #TradeWar

3 thoughts on “Dow plunges after Trump tweets about China, Fed

  1. You fuckin idiots that still belive ANYTHING these OTHER idiots feed you every hour of every day,stick it riiiiiight up your stupid asses.morons,complete fools.these mfkrs have lied to you for so long,you cant see anything else.i dont even feel sorry for you,youre too dumb to feel sorry for,,short bus crowd.

  2. 500 Billion per year for decades, glad to see we finally have a President who has the intestinal fortitude to stand up to China. Geez, its a no brainer….Trump 2020, and Don Jr. 2024. Stay calm and carry on! Thank you Mr. Trump for doing what’s right.

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