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Written by: William Rinehart, Gabe Simon

I was on my knees again
Begging for my ways to change
But the truth I uncovered, the pressure I’m under
To please you has gone away

You’re a temptress, you’re to blame
You’re the guilt I can’t displace
Though there’s winters and summers
And so much has changed
You’re the fortress for my shame

I was born in the shadows of preachers and saints
I was raised in a house of God
But the blood on my lips and the dirt on my face is all the religion I’ve got

Oh it’s all the religion I’ve got
I was lost inside her arms
Trying to climb my way back out
But it ain’t what you got, or the buildings you bought
That’ll save you from the sound

She’s a needy harlequin
Built by greed and selfish men
Though it’s easy to love her
For all you discover, she’s bound to fall again

3 thoughts on “Wilder Woods – Religion (Official Audio)

  1. I take this as his reflection of his upbringing in a very strict almost “legalistic” type of Christianity where following rules is what saved you instead of accepting the grace that Christ offers. Can’t listen to any music other than Gospel, can’t watch movies, etc…There is a difference in religion and having a relationship with Christ.

  2. Truth is, this song got me in a funk, for I thought it was so beautiful, yet I struggled finding the religious significance. Although at first glance the song is seemingly about losing religion altogether, personally I think this is about a continual struggle of living out the purpose that God has for you once you find earthly success. The struggle between finding earthly success through money and fame, and dealing with its consequences, is a common lyrical theme in the Bear’s past work, i.e. “Money and Fame” and “Don’t Wanna know where the Money is” with his respective band. I believe the “woman” is a symbolic replacement for the world, one in which men fall head over heels as they try to please her and earn this “needy harlequin’s” coveted love. No human is perfect or safe from her, even those raised in the house of God. For “it’s easy to lover her/ For all you discover, she’s bound to fall again,” in other words, she’ll let you down. In all, this isn’t about forgetting religion, rather it is about any man’s struggle to separate themselves from the trivial and material aspects of this world once he/she finds success with their lifelong purpose. If you aren’t careful, the “pressure” of pleasing this world may become your religion.

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