One True Religion: From Adam to Christ

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There has only been and always will be only one True Religion that has been proclaimed and practiced by believers throughout history. True Religion began with Adam and continued with Abel, Seth, and Enoch. The One True Religion continued with Noah and on to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph…and then passed on to Moses…on to David…and on to the various prophets…until the perfection and completion of this One True Religion came about in the final Revelation in Christ our Lord. For more please visit & remember to say 3 Hail Marys for the priest

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3 thoughts on “One True Religion: From Adam to Christ

  1. Tridentine Mass was founded in 1570 and Rome doesn’t even use that anymore. There’s no ad orientum. You receive mass by hand. The “Roman Rite” is not traditional any longer.

  2. Abraham wasn’t a Jewish at all. Even Moses wasn’t of the tribe of Judah, he was a Levite. Judaism is based on the Talmud not the Torah.

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