Leaving Religion: Making God Real

Let's Talk About Mental Illness

In order to make a fictional character appear real, you have to do all of the work then give it the credit.

3 thoughts on “Leaving Religion: Making God Real

  1. Death and hell are the second death not the lake of fire. Whatever is being cast into it (figuratively) are second deaths such as low energy or negativity. In life we go through ups and down in life. There’s a saying whatever doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. That’s just how I see it of course. I don’t take these things literally as some afterlife nonsense. If hell is cast into the lake of fire, you cannot cast something into itself that’s nonsense. The lake of fire is actually a good thing (positivity) not some eternal punishment crap many Christians been teaching us. It’s all about in the here NOW while we are alive on this planet. That’s just how I see it now even though I maybe wrong. I’m a strong believer in high energy and low energy. Heaven or hell is all what you make of it NOW.

  2. When I hear people say I’m not worthy of God’s love, it hurts me because what they are saying I’m not worthy of myself.

  3. I hate when Christians say I don’t judge you but God will. I’m like well you are still judging subconsciously.

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