Invisible – Uncovering Mental Illness

Let's Talk About Mental Illness

Shedding light and giving a voice to those struggling with mental illnesses and coping with those who have taken their own lives.

3 thoughts on “Invisible – Uncovering Mental Illness

  1. After I was diagnosed with BPD, I told a friend of mine about it. His response? “Oh, don’t tell anyone you have that. They’ll think your crazy.” Oh, my gods, did that hurt. I’ve been doing dialectical behavioral therapy for 6 years now, and, despite the fact that my life is nowhere near what I want it to be, I am doing so much better. I also don’t hide my condition from people. I want to break that stigma of us BPD folks being crazy. No one deserves to feel like they should hide themselves from the world. Much respect for all the wonderful people in this documentary.

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