Indy Art Show, Ep.18: Mia Cara talks Art and Mental Illness

Let's Talk About Mental Illness

Today’s guest is sculptor-artist-poet Mia Cara. We talk about the arts as a way of healing mental illness. Of course, there’s also the debate in psychology: are artists crazy or just nonconformists? Do we just assume that people who are different from us are crazy? Or does our society drive artists to mental illness or addiction due to its STEM-oriented, lack of support and often disdain for artists?

Which brings us to another question: How could our society be supportive and appreciative of artists? Do you think that will ever happen?

No, we don’t answer all these questions in today’s episode…
But we will. Just give us time!

Mia also runs a support group called Emotions Anonymous on Wednesday evenings, and if you are seeking help and support, she’d love for you to drop by. You may learn more by visiting
or .

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