How Social Media fuels mental illness

Let's Talk About Mental Illness

People have a real misconstrued image of trading, and reality because of social media. Marketers have turned themselves rich while fueling their own pathology and mental sickness, and have spread this to others who support and fuel this behavior.

My best advice to you is to avoid social media as much as possible or only follow Positive role models and cut out the bad ones.

I use instagram mostly now and only to answer messages/post encouraging content, I hate being on my phone though so I limit myself. [ @ AKATheGrower ]

Sam is the leading psychologist in the world on Narcissism, which is what the majority of these social media influencers have. Do not be mistaken, it is a pathology, or mental illness.

Sam Vaknin, Psychologist: True Toxicity of Social Media Revealed

Unmasking Narcissists, Psychopaths, and Their Abuse with RUTH JACOBS in CAMBRIDGE, UK:

In this video I also talk about my personal experience, and how I woke up out of my daze of social media addiction. I always just wanted to help people but I found myself in the middle of drama always, and negative attacks, when all I wanted to do is spread truth.

When truth becomes an attack, you know social media is a sickness. A self perpuating lie that drags along others for the ride…..Never ever trust strangers who call themselves your friends because they can turn around and stab you in the back for likes and engagement. It’s a sad situation and I hope you will snap out of it. Reality is much different than what social media portrays.

Humble yourself, treat others with kindness, Be honest, and spread the truth.

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