Weight Watchers has a Diet App for Kids and It’s a Huge Problem | Registered Dietitian

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Kurbo is a weight loss app for kids and it’s even worse than I imagined.
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Kurbo is a new diet app for kids from WW – formerly Weight Watchers. When I first heard about Kurbo, I had concerns, but after spending time exploring the app and its various features, it’s worse than I ever imagined. The main concept of the app – targeting children ages 8-17 for weight loss and having them track their food with a traffic light system – is a cause for concern all on its own, but things only get worse from there. Here’s what I think about the app as a registered dietitian and someone who works with kids and families to build healthy eating habits, as well as some things we can do instead of giving kids Kurbo.


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3 thoughts on “Weight Watchers has a Diet App for Kids and It’s a Huge Problem | Registered Dietitian

  1. I’ve been itching to talk about this with you guys! This app has been top of mind for me the past couple weeks and I really worry that it will be harmful to many young children. Let me know what you think and if you have any questions you’d like to see me talk about in future videos!

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