The ABSOLUTE BEST INNER THIGH WORKOUT for ANYWHERE ❥ exercise & fitness w Natasha Jade

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Hi, lovelies! Today’s fitness video is the absolute best inner thigh workout to get you *feeling* the burn! These are the exercises I include in an inner thigh routine to most effectively activate my inner thighs without any equipment! So if you’re ready to work those muscles and do your body good, let’s get to it! 💛

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Remember that there are many different body types in the world, and they are all beautiful. Just because yours and mine and hers and his and theirs are different doesn’t mean you can’t confidently strut your stuff like you are owning the runway! Being an angel is more of an attitude than a body type! So move your body, get those muscles working and make your lungs happy, and love your body for all that it provides and allows for you! (Plus, when you treat your body and mind right, you might just find you like the way you look in da mirror, too!) 💕

Thanks so much for clicking on my video! ☺️ I have a degree in Kinesiology and Health, specializing in exercise science. I wish to spread a positive message about health and the body when it comes to fitness. On my channel you’ll find facts on fitness, workout uploads, fashion lookbooks/hauls, and more!

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xoxo, natasha jade

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3 thoughts on “The ABSOLUTE BEST INNER THIGH WORKOUT for ANYWHERE ❥ exercise & fitness w Natasha Jade

  1. Hi lovely! That was a fantastic workout ^^ I was always impressed by your fit body since I first saw you! You are gorgeous ^^ and I loved your idea you gave me of grape and butterfly for my next word drawing ^^

  2. You deserve more subs because your videos are entertaining and good😂💞 I just subbed hoping to support each other

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