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Set the clock ⏰ for 30 minutes and see how many rounds of this 20-15-10-5 rep circuit you can make it through. All you need is a barbell and some sweat 💦 equity to make it happen. 135lbs Loaded here shown (be sure to scale to your ability level)
The 🥵 Setup:
20 BB Back Squats
15 BB Ab Rollouts
10 BB Bent Rows
5 BB Thrusters

That’s one ☝️round rest as needed between sets and rounds and tag 🏷 me at #jeremyscottfitness with how you did if you decide to get after this session over the weekend.

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My name is Jeremy Scott; I am an author, coach, speaker, and cover model that currently runs Jeremy Scott Fitness in Scottsdale, Arizona. I am a Reebok Athlete, creator of the life changing 47-Day Transformation , and author of the best selling book “Make Success Mandatory.”

I have been fortunate enough to work with the some of the best brands in fitness such as Men’s Health,, Livestrong, Muscle & Fitness and SHAPE magazine named me of 1 of the 50 hottest trainers in America twice.

My focus is to provide you with useable quality tips, hacks, knowledge and motivation to help you reach your goals. Look around the page and if you have a question please drop me a message and I will be happy to answer it.

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